Saturday, February 1, 2014

Inspiration and Painting Circles Tutorial

Here it is, my first tutorial!

In my last post I wrote about the creative inspiration I get from seeing through creative eyes. Another way I get inspiration is through other artists ~ through their blogs and through taking classes.

Last week I followed a link on Pinterest to the blog of Connie at Connie's post was about the circles she painted that were inspired by the art of Roben-Marie Smith at I've taken some of Roben-Marie's classes and I love her use of circles on her art journal pages. Other artists I follow who use circles a lot are Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Ronda Palazzari

I love circles! I Stencil them, I use punched out ones, and I paint them. A sampling of a few of my past pages with circles:

So, after reading Connie's post I got in the mood to paint circles. I have found over time that I enjoy the results best when I paint circles with my fingers. Below are pages I made from last weeks "playing".
These circles were painted directly in my art journal.

Then I painted more and used them for my Documented Life Project challenge and pages.

After posting my pages in the Document Life Project Facebook group there was some interest in how I made my painted circles. So, giving credit where credit is due, inspired by Roben-Marie Smith and Connie at Artful Play and the many other artists I follow who love to use circles, I made a tutorial on my process for painting circles. Due to the length of it I made the tutorial on a separate page. You will find it in the links at the top of the blog.

I would love to see what you do with painted circles so I've attached a link-up below. Please share a link to your blog, Flickr page or Pinterest page and share what you have made using painted circles.


  1. I love everything about this! Wonderful circles and blog - new fan, xo

    1. Kristin,
      Thanks for your comments! I have followed your blog for a while! So glad you stopped by. :)

  2. Love the circle art! Gonna try it today!! Thanks.

  3. what a great tutorial. thanks for sharing it with us. i love how all the colors make up these funky, cool circles. gonna try it soon.

  4. I don't see a tutorial. Is there an expired link here? I'd like to try making those circles but am a beginner and don't know how!

    1. Nancy, the tutorial is at the top of the page. It is a link under the blog header. Have fun making circles and please feel free to email me with any questions. marybrack@gmailcom.